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Smell affects our being. Gorgeous short story about a perfumist looking for the perfect scent.

(Source: nowness.com)

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“ Women today inhabit a transitional historical moment. We have tremendous new freedoms and new opportunities, but the legacy of a very different past is around us and inside us. Learning to respond to praise and criticism — without getting hooked by it — is for most of us, a necessary rite of passage. ”

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10 Great Reads about Consumerism



Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed by David Cain - Why the modern world is so great at making us spend

The Gollum Effect by Venkat Rao - Is Gollum the perfect consumer?

Ad nauseam by Adam Corner - How advertisers are anti-consumerism to make us consume more

Consumer Vertigo by Virginia Postrel - Is there such a thing as too much choice?

Inconspicuous Consumption by Virgina Postrel - How race and social class affect the way we spend

Sweatpants in Paradise by Molly Young - On the rise of the ‘immersive’ shopping

Nothing Grows Forever by Clive Thompson - How can the world sustian 7 billion people? We need to stop buying so much stuff

How Target Knows Your Secrets by Charles Duhigg - Can your shopping habits tell a company that you’r pregnant before you know it yourself??

Selling Out by David McRaney - How status drives consumerism and the capitalist economy

Proceed to Checkout by Dan Ariely - How online companies get you to share more and spend more

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Songs for shamanic nights. This ancestral language speaks straight to my bones. And makes me resonate with the universal expression of voice before words, of meaning without grammatical structure. Pure spontaneous expression of essence. 

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"Wild eccentricity and homely life. That’s what I envision my future home feels like." An artist, writer and theater producer, the German-born Ost, together with her philanthropist partner Kuttner, discovered the idyllic estate in 1982, when she swung a pendulum over a map of the East Coast which led her to Albemarle County. “There are endless treehouses, sculptures, and art pieces made by other people on the property,” (via No Sour Meadows - NOWNESS)

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Artist and Photographer Bertil Nilson captures the extraordinary potential of the human body. The strength, agility and grace of this contemporary circus artists makes me want to dance all night. 

Photography by Bertil Nelson via Lens Culture


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